Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rakhi Sawant goes on a double date

rakhi sawant manmohan tiwari
rakhi sawant
Anxiety, nervousness, butterflies in the tummy is what you feel on your first date and yes. Our bride to be Rakhi felt just that. Rakhi, who has never been on a ‘real’ date earlier decided, put forth a task before the ‘grooms in waiting’. Ram Kapoor, Rakhi’s dost put forth before the aspirants, the daunting task of writing love letters to the gorgeous lady and the best of the lot would be the privileged man to go on a date with Rakhi.
And guess who charmed and bowled Rakhi over with his creativity? Well well Our little birdie tells us that there was a tie. It was none other than Manmohan Tiwari who not only composed a poem in Shudh Hindi but also translated the same in English for the lady and Ashwin Chaudhari who wrote to Rakhi about all that he has left, including his sister’s wedding
just to win her heart. Now we wonder how will the duo handle Rakhi on their fist date with her? Watch all this and more on Rakhi Ka Swayamvar Monday – Friday at 9:00 pm only on NDTV Imagine.



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