Thursday, July 16, 2009

Katrina Kaif leaves Salman behind

Katrina Kaif

It seems Katrina is determined to spend her 25th birthday with her family in London and doesn't want a repeat of last year's ugly episode. Sources said that Salman proposed a private party for Katrina on her birthday, which would have guest list of her choice. He tried to convince her till the last minute and promised her that nothing ugly would happen this time around. But Katrina turned down his proposal, leaving him disappointed.

It may be recalled that Salman spoilt Katrina's birthday bash last year. He got into a brawl with Shahrukh Khan while the party was on and spoiled the spirit of the celebration. Katrina seems to be in no mood to take another chance, as she has chosen to keep Salman away from her birthday.

The latest move of Katrina has confused many. She said a few days ago that Salman is a great soul. She added that he has been her teacher and guide all these years but she has left him in her happy moment. The fact is that she is going to an undisclosed location in Italy with her entire family to celebrate her 25th birthday while Salman slogs in Mumbai for his film Wanted Dead and Alive.

Katrina should let us know her real intention when she returns to Bollywood!



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