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Aamir with Salman's girlfriend

sexy katrina kaifYes, Aamir Khan and Katrina are going to portray the roles of legendary Guru Dutt and yesteryear’s beauty Waheeda Rehman [^] in a film to be directed by Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra. It is a biopic based on the life of Guru Dutt, who was producer, director and actor. It is said that Rakeysh is planning to start the film this October.

Will Aamir and Katrina do justice to their roles? LooKing [^] at their incredible past records, they surely would be able to pull it off convincingly. Watch out for the new pair!

Katrina misses her dad

KatrinaKatrina, who was raised by her mom Suzzane, a Harvard graduate and a lawyer, confessed that she misses her dad whenever she sees fathers of her friends. She is not complaining though. She said that her mom did a fine job in raising seven children. She added that she should be grateful for all the other things she has.

Mohammed Kaif parted ways with Suzzane when Katrina was very young. So, is Katrina planning to get in touch with her dad now that she has become a big star? She said that her parents went their own ways due to personal issues. She added her father is very decent and affluent person. She knows that he won't come back just because she is famous.

Katrina is going to an undisclosed location in Italy with her family for her birthday. Looks like she will miss her dad there too!

Kat feels lonesome before birthday

The filmmaker was celebrating the success of his last release. However, Katrina said this was one of those few nights in Mumbai when she was out. “Normally I’m all dressed up and have nowhere to go,’’ she joked.

katrina kaif unseen picturesGorgeous Katrina Kaif Unseen Photos

The actress was in an introspective mood. Her day was packed — a jewellery line press conference, meeting with a film corporation
honcho for their next flick, some press and television interviews, a dozen other things to do before she flew off for her month-long vacation.

Thinking aloud, she said, “God, there are so many people from the industry in London at this very moment. There is Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri, Karan Johar , Akshay Kumar , Deepika Padukone and a whole load of others. You can’t rule out the chance of bumping into someone or the other.’’

Returning home to London always brings a smile to her face. “London is my home, I’m longing to let my hair down and spend quality time with the family,’’ sighed the actress who will ring in her birthday today with her six sisters. “It’s been a while since I have taken such a long time off,’’ she added. “Whatever all of them wish to do is what I will comply with. I haven’t made any specific plans.’’

The celebrations will be followed by a short vacation in Spain and after that Kat intends to fly with her sister Isabel to New York. “While Isabel will rejoin school, I will spend some time on my own,’’ she said. Contrary to public perception that an actor’s life is one big party, Katrina, whose deep dark eyes speak a thousand words, said, “Living in Mumbai on my own does get a little lonely on many occasions. Often I’m sitting alone at home after pack-up leafing through scripts or watching television.’’

Katrina kaif not inviting Salman for b'day

katrina kaif saree
There are two reasons for it. She left Mumbai and Salman Khan with the promise that her birthday this year would striclty be a family affair. A friend of the birthday girl said, “Suppose she made an exception just because buddy Akshay was in London and Salman came to know that Akshay was with her for her birthday, do you realise what that would mean?”

At the moment, Katrina wants nothing more than to make all the right moves in her private life, even if it means not inviting Akshay.

The actress, who had an exciting reunion with her large family of six sisters and one brother on Monday, says she has never had a better birthday. “I can’t hope for a better birthday gift than this. All of us together was a dream I have nurtured for a long time,” she said.
Commenting on Akshay shooting nearby in London, Katrina said, “No, Akshay won’t be joining us. I only want to be with my family.”

The message is clear — Katrina is letting everyone know that family comes first and her family is the one she’s spending time with in London right now. In Mumbai, what Katrina misses most is her mother and siblings. In the absence of a family, she had adopted Salman’s family as her own.

She intends to take more breaks from Bollywood to be with her folks in London and has asked her sister Isabella to speed up her plans of moving to Mumbai. Speaking about how the Kaif family intends to bring in her birthday, Katrina said, “When all of us are together it doesn’t matter what we do or where we go.”

Katrina won't marry Salman, says astrologers

sexy katrina kaifThe gorgeous Katrina Kaif won't be able to marry her present love interest superstar Salman Khan and even if she does it won't last long. This is what astrologers have predicted.

According to the predictions, Katrina will not marry Salman as they both are completely different people and do not gel well with difference of opinion being the main negative aspect. There is no great compatibility between the two and Katrina should avoid taking Salman too seriously.

Astrologers maintain, Katrina's upcoming film Blue will make her position strong while Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani won't do well but Ranbir-Katrina will be the next hot onscreen couple.

Katrina Kaif leaves Salman behind

Katrina Kaif

It seems Katrina is determined to spend her 25th birthday with her family in London and doesn't want a repeat of last year's ugly episode. Sources said that Salman proposed a private party for Katrina on her birthday, which would have guest list of her choice. He tried to convince her till the last minute and promised her that nothing ugly would happen this time around. But Katrina turned down his proposal, leaving him disappointed.

It may be recalled that Salman spoilt Katrina's birthday bash last year. He got into a brawl with Shahrukh Khan while the party was on and spoiled the spirit of the celebration. Katrina seems to be in no mood to take another chance, as she has chosen to keep Salman away from her birthday.

The latest move of Katrina has confused many. She said a few days ago that Salman is a great soul. She added that he has been her teacher and guide all these years but she has left him in her happy moment. The fact is that she is going to an undisclosed location in Italy with her entire family to celebrate her 25th birthday while Salman slogs in Mumbai for his film Wanted Dead and Alive.

Katrina should let us know her real intention when she returns to Bollywood!

Katrina makes 25th birthday a family affair, without Sallu

Katrina Kaif has many reasons to smile. First her recent release New York became a huge success and now comes her birthday, which the British-born actress will celebrate with her entire family in London Thursday.

Wish Katrina a happy birthday!

"I'm celebrating my birthday this year with my entire family, all my sisters who have flown down from all over, my mom who's flown down from Chennai and my brother who's a professional rock climber," said Katrina, who will turn 25.

Katrina Kaif 'Barbie' at Bloomingdale in New York

"I was supposed to spend a long holiday with them last year during Christmas and New Year in London, but I had to cut my trip short because of my work schedule. So this year I'm specially taking time out for them and we are going to Italy for a family get together. I haven't had a break in almost two years, so I'm looking forward to this," added the actress.

I'm not getting married now: Katrina Kaif

Last year her birthday bash turned ugly when beau Salman Khan picked a fight with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. So this year Katrina is celebrating her birthday away from tinsel town.

She is just six years old in the industry, but has found a firm foothold. Katrina's first break in Bollywood was Kaizad Gustad's 2003 Boom. Though the film was a flop, people started noticing her and offered her roles and one of them was Ram Gopal Varma's 2005 film "Sarkar". She had a small role as Abhishek Bachchan's girlfriend, but made her presence felt in the film, which was a Mumbai underworld interpretation of Mario Puzo's 1969 novel The Godfather.

Katrina's big success came in the form of 2008 super hit film Namastey London and she continued her winning streak with Apne, Partner, Welcome, Race and Singh Is Kinng. Subhash Ghai's Yuvvraaj disrupted it, but only for a brief period, as Katrina bounced back with the commercial and critical success of Kabir Khan's New York, a film about 9/11.

According to film critics, with big banners, huge fan-base and several brand endorsements, Katrina is currently one of the most sought after actresses in the Hindi film industry.

"Katrina has evolved immensely as an actress. In Bollywood, actors are mostly known for the number of hits they deliver. Katrina has won hands down in that respect. She can undoubtedly be called a lucky mascot for her producers," said popular film critic Taran Adarsh.

Mumbai-based film critic Anupama Chopra says there are high expectations from Katrina even this year. "Katrina has had a fortunate choice of films" even though she "had a rather unfortunate start with Boom. She is a stunning looking actress and so far she is doing well with her glam doll image. We did see glimpses of an actor in her performance-oriented roles in Namastey London," said Chopra.

Her basket is full of good roles - she will be seen in films Blue starring Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt, Rajkumar Santoshi's Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Priyadarshan's De Dana Dan yet again starring Akshay. She is also doing the female lead in Prakash Jha's political drama Rajneeti.

Katrina is one of eight siblings. Her mother is British and her father is from Jammu and Kashmir who has since acquired British citizenship. The actress spent her formative years in Hawaii but later moved to London.


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