Thursday, July 16, 2009

Katrina kaif not inviting Salman for b'day

katrina kaif saree
There are two reasons for it. She left Mumbai and Salman Khan with the promise that her birthday this year would striclty be a family affair. A friend of the birthday girl said, “Suppose she made an exception just because buddy Akshay was in London and Salman came to know that Akshay was with her for her birthday, do you realise what that would mean?”

At the moment, Katrina wants nothing more than to make all the right moves in her private life, even if it means not inviting Akshay.

The actress, who had an exciting reunion with her large family of six sisters and one brother on Monday, says she has never had a better birthday. “I can’t hope for a better birthday gift than this. All of us together was a dream I have nurtured for a long time,” she said.
Commenting on Akshay shooting nearby in London, Katrina said, “No, Akshay won’t be joining us. I only want to be with my family.”

The message is clear — Katrina is letting everyone know that family comes first and her family is the one she’s spending time with in London right now. In Mumbai, what Katrina misses most is her mother and siblings. In the absence of a family, she had adopted Salman’s family as her own.

She intends to take more breaks from Bollywood to be with her folks in London and has asked her sister Isabella to speed up her plans of moving to Mumbai. Speaking about how the Kaif family intends to bring in her birthday, Katrina said, “When all of us are together it doesn’t matter what we do or where we go.”



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