Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kareena rules Saif’s mind and heart

It is only Kareena Kapoor who is ruling Saif’s mind and heart at the moment despite sharing intimate scenes with Deepika Padukone in ‘Love Aaj Kal’. Chotte Nawab missed his ladylove so much that he could not keep away Bebo’s memory even while portraying scene with Deepika. Bebo was in Saif’s memory when he was doing close scenes with Deepika.
kareena kapoor sexy

sexy kareena kapoor
Saif said, "I missed her (Kareena) very much. Had she been in the film, it would have been great. Besides, I always miss her when we work apart. Often she gets busy with her own shooting schedules and I tour to some other locations away from her. In such situations I miss her, but luckily, she is very understanding."

Apart from touching and kissing, Saif went to the extent of touching Deepika’s butt. The film where he plays the young Rishi Kapoor is much in news for its script, star casts, the maker and most significantly because of Saif and Deepika’s intimate scenes.

Speaking about the role that he is playing, Saif said, "I am representing young Rishi Kapoor. So I had to work hard to represent his body language. I had to learn Punjabi and there are many other details which I had to take care of. So I think it was quite a challenge to portray the character."



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