Tuesday, June 30, 2009

C-grade filmmakers cash in on Shiney rape case

The mahurat (inaugural) shot of a new C-grade film is suggestively titled Chamak - The Shyning. There are no prizes for guessing that it's inspired by the recent rape case involving actor Shiney Ahuja.

Even though the verdict is still out on this highly publicised case, the makers of this pot-boiler, Chamak - The Shyning, don't shy away from admitting that it's all the publicity that's fuelling the low-budget project.

Director Chamak - The Shyning, Qamar Hajipuri says, "Telling the truth is a big thing as is listening to the truth. I am telling you that I am making a film on the subject. The way companies advertise their goods, we are also advertising our film."

Chamak - The Shyning features completely unknown actors - Divya who plays the maid and Hiten Rajgour takes on Shiney's character. And Hiten assures all that he is doing his homework.



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